Get ready to participate in TSS 2014

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As we are now preparing to leave for the Transpirenaica Social y Solidaria, we want to share some advice with you that we’ve found in various networks. This is the first of a series of posts that will help you get ready to participate in the trans-Pyrenean social and solidarity 2014.

  They say those who exercise (their legs) , exercise their heart, and not just the heart. All your body will benefit and improve through exercise, if you do it well and with consistency. It’s your choice, get going!

1. Wear loose and comfortable clothing, allowing you freedom of movement. Tight-fitting clothing hinder blood circulation.
2. Your clothing must be breathable so that your sweat doesn’t stick to your body thereby interfering with your normal body temperature..
3. Do not carry purses or bags. You don’t need them. Take only what is essential in a bum bag/fanny pack or in a very light backpack.
4 A woollen hat and (sports) trainers are essential for year-round walking, jogging or hiking.6. A cloudy day must not deter you. Put on a long hooded raincoat so that your body is waterproof, that’s all, and off you go, unless the rain is very heavy, or there’s a storm preventing you from setting off.
7. On windy days, keep in mind that you will feel cold. A wind speed of 10 Km per hour , which is just a light breeze, makes you feel 2 ° C colder than the thermometer says. With a wind of 20 km per hour, 6° colder , and you will notice with 30 Km wind (which will raise papers from the ground and move small branches) the wind chill will be 9° colder.
8. Sprains are avoided by properly fastening laces that support the area of the foot, heel and ankle.
9. Be careful of your choice of socks! They must be cotton and not too tight. Any seam, tag or label can make a blister by rubbing.
10 Goretex garments protect you from cold, rain, wind and sweat. This innovative fiber is used for clothes, trainers and hats , etc.
11. The choice of footwear, boots or trainers , depends on your preference. They are equally good. The important thing is that you feel comfortable, that they help the natural movement of the foot, and that the sole is very flexible.
12. If the day is hot, you will sweat. It is best to wear a cotton t-shirt. Avoid synthetic fibers; you’ll sweat more and smell bad!
13. Before you set off, apply sunscreen with a high factor. In summer don’t trust overcast skies. Ultraviolet rays pass through the clouds. Face, neck, arms, legs and hands must be well protected.
14. If the sun is intense, use sunglasses so that light does not damage your eyes. If you normally wear glasses, get some glasses which will adjust to the changing light thereby protecting you adequately.
15. When you buy footwear, try it on with the type of socks you are going to use on walks and runs. This way you can’t go wrong with the size you really need.
16. Your toes should have enough space to move. If you need, don’t hesitate to buy one size bigger,(but be careful, not too big). Take a walk around the store in the boots or trainers ,check them out before you choose.
17 When you try the boots or trainers on, tie them properly to support the foot well, make sure they don’t pinch in any place or way.
18. Your CAP must have ventilation holes. If it hasn’t ,your head will get heated which will produce dizziness and headaches.





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