‘Better to see it only once, rather than hearing it ten times.’ Polina Likhobabina

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The TSS  is an opportunity to understand  that the backpack of each person is different: one person carries 3 heavy books and a beach towel, because he’s a bit of a dreamer.  Another carries a first aid kit and other important things because he  wants to be able to care for others.  The third tries not to take anything unnecessary, not  wanting to complicate things, so as to be able to help the others in this expedition.



In life, we have our circle of family and friends. “Whoever I don’t like  or whoever doesn’t like me , well, we aren’t friends,” I thought before I arrived.

In 42 days and during the TSS, whether you like it or not, you have to be part of a team,  you have to relate with everyone,  because without  each person ,  there is no team, there is no TSS.


Polina Polina Polina


To achieve common goals, we don’t have to be equals, rather  we need to make the effort to understand each other. We have to erase borders, stop establishing more and more locks. You have to open the backpack !


Polina 2

Polina Likhobabina, is one of the young particpants  in  TSS 2014.



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