Transpirenaica Social y Solidaria is the first March for Social Inclusion. We’ll be crossing – in forty days- the Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. This is an awareness-raising action and we’ve invited other organizations to join us.

In teams covering six stages the participants will share their problems, solutions and personal experiences as they cross the valleys, lakes, high peaks, resting overnight in Pyrenean towns or on the mountainsides in hotels. Along the way they will dialogue with local people explaining their personal life challenges and experiences.

The second March for Social Inclusion ( the first one was on 2013), is a unique project. ‘We want to see if this kind of innovative and creative action is compatible and useful for the work of all organizations and people who are fighting against social problems.

In a world in which everybody despite colour or creed deserves a job, the teams believe this expedition can be a new way to raise awareness for social inclusion. Today, in these complex and difficult times for Spain, many people are excluded and unable to qualify for entry into the labour market and/ or training. A few are lucky but of the 6000 young people being looked after by the Spanish Government, only a few find their niche in the workplace.

Transpirenaica Social y Solidaria will communicate these Pyrenean experiences with organizations and social networks with the intention to explore solutions to bridge the social gap, to give education and opportunity for work to all young people.’ say the organisers.

This will be by means of audio-visual material -video conferences and seminars. This is an innovative, creative and hugely ambitious project which I am delighted to support. If you would like more info and ways to contribute, please contact us.



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