Dears friends. We have arrived to the “Cap the Creus”!

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We have arrived at Cap de Creus. We walked the GR11 route for 42 days to draw attention to social inclusion, transformative education, the right to decent work and much more. From Formación y Trabajo, thanks to everybody involved.

Our journey of solidarity with this cause was from Cape Higer to Cap de Creus, 800 km with a cumulative drops of approximately 40 thousand meters. Ascents and descents,
friends who supported us. We saw isards-chamois, marmots, vultures, lilies, gentians, wild roses, snow, sun, rain, fog, hail, stars (the Ursa Minor, Orion, Cassiopeia…), beech, shimmery, cork oaks, oaks, “moixera”… and the most important and vital aspect of this experience was the shared thoughts and reflections of the young apprentices walking with us, those who have managed to overcome social exclusion, and organizations, and the companies and institutions who believe that it is possible to overcome social exclusion…

Thanks to Luciano, Tocris, Mamadou, the youth of the Ibayondo Center of the Basque country, Yaya, Ali i Casal Moha the Infants, the staff of Formació i Treball, FIT, Fundación Exit Centre Sant Jaume, Esade, Sant Ignasi Jesuits, Sagrat Cor, Zabaldika, CIM, Casal Loiola, Coshop, Social Entrepreneurship UOC, Council of Popular education in Latin America and the Caribbean CEAL, Intermón Oxfam and the Trailwalker, MSF, wine cooperative of the ‘ Olivera, beer artisan House Dalmases, fans multicolored Dona Kolors, fabrics of Estel Tapia, good view from the Foundation Barraquer, Oceans Blue Foundation IBO in Africa, scarves Teixidor,Soco and Afrocat, Portuguese, Plus Value, home Alpesport, Tudela Hotel, Areas, Gramona

Eva and her companions, Maria Jose and Sasa, Malkorra, hostels that have helped us (Goriz, these, Amitges Estaon, Llacs de la Pera, Ulldeter). We cannot forget our traveling friends met en route : Marisol and their community, Silvia, Luis, Marite, Grau, Ignasi, Mireia, Ines, Eduard “Dito”, Carles, Belen, Anna, Pepe, Fermin, Gloria, Luis, Conxita, Albert and Xavie, Juanma and Eulalia, Joaquin, Anna and Rafa, Ramiro, Gini, els Ignasis, Mos, Jordi and Inma, Luís e Inma, Cristina and Santi Anglada…

We have been able to connect with other cultures thanks to our translators Meg and Victoria. And how could we ever forget our “ soul friends,” the special encounters with walkers on the path like Tim and Richard (USA and Canada), Avigdory Emssmer (Israel), Frank and Jack (Holland), Juanma.Los, people who have helped us financially with a donation, or moral support (calls, mails, whatsapp, sms, I like FB, comments on the blog…). friends Enrique, Nacho, Rosa Bosch, Rosa Balaguer, Pablo, Grau, Elena, Jordi, Lourdes, Anna, Lucia, Ignasi (breakfast and coordination team)… and many more people. Without your support this path would not have been possible.

Moltes merces, Gracinas, Eskerrikasku, thanks, Thanks a lot, all raba, Merci Beacoup, Dank u, Danke, Spasiva, Tenki pale, shukran.

Thank you: Xavi Puig, Alexandra, María José, Pablo… all Fit team, Fortunato Frías, our director, Albert Alberich, ours presidents, Ángel Cánovas and Manuel Rivas Montobbio from Formació i Treball ( Formación y Trabajo).




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